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We are group of everyday people with an extraordinary passion for health and fitness. Our clients health and safety is our number one priority. We started from humble beginnings and are proud to present to you our new facility with more options to keep you and your family happy and healthy.

January 2019 is a BIG month for our Progressive Fitness Family and we’ve got some great offers for current and new members!

As a current member, though, you have a head-start on some of these deals, and we want to make sure you take full advantage. There’s a FREE ONE-MONTH UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP up for grabs that will be awarded to the member who refers the most people to sign up for a Progressive Fitness membership. As a current member, you have a few extra weeks to get people signed up and we have a great offer for the month of January to help you out. During the month of January, EVERYONE will have access to our UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP FOR ONLY $110 (2019 price for 2x/week membership)!! If you’re currently on a 3x/week or Unlimited Membership, this means BIG SAVINGS for YOU during the month of January. This incredible price will be reflected on your January billing cycle, but…IMPORTANT: attendance, access to Unlimited Membership, and referral contests will only be available during the month of January. Also…and this. is. HUGE: check your schedules now, because if you attend 18 classes during the month of January, you will be entered to win a FREE SIX-MONTH UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP!!

So, let’s recap:

1. Grab a friend (or two or three) and have them sign up for a Progressive Fitness UNLIMITED membership for January for ONLY $110 (make sure they tell us YOU referred them).

2. Earn a sticker on the chart in our gym for every member you refer. (Most stickers on Jan 31= FREE ONE-MONTH UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP)

3. Compare schedules with your friends, and plan to attend 18 classes during the month of January.

4. Attend all 18 classes, crush fitness goals, have fun, sweat LOTS, and get entered to win a FREE SIX-MONTH UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP!

Great classes + amazing people + incredible price = perfect opportunity to join & grow the #PFF family!!




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